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edition heritage

Tradition & Craftmanship

In keeping with its tradition of high-quality pushchairs, the elegant style of this new Heritage range celebrates the finest manufacturing heritage.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail form the essential elements of this new stylish range. The collection is characterized by a rational and balanced use of colours. The shades and nuances are combined on an eclectic and timeless colour palette.

Available for i2

i2 heritage

The i2 Heritage range includes 3 colour combinations for the upholstery, all combined with a cognac brown leather push bar and bumper bar.

The i2 heritage range can be combined with 5 chassis types, each with a cognac brown leather push bar.

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Choice of materials

This perfect exercise in style is also achieved by combining different high-end materials with exclusive details. The soft padded parts are finished with branded aluminium tags and buttons and the canopy opens in the centre with metallic-finish nylon zippers.

In the new Heritage range, Mutsy combines the original beauty of the most remarkable of its former products, the i2, with a new premium style. A must-have for every parent looking for something extraordinary!


tradition & craftmanship