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edition industrial

Inspired by… Denim

The Evo industrial edition is a celebration of the daily reality of young parents. This collection is made of fabrics that will withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.
We love denim for its authentic, honest appearance. Besides denim, only leather has the ability to age so beautifully. We combined both sturdy fabrics to create a utilitarian, timeless style with attention to all the small details that create an industrial feel. Leather handle straps, metal zipper teeth, riveted leather zipper pulls, perforated leather highlights, thick stitching and dark grey aluminium bars: all these elements combine to form the new Evo industrial. The ultimate stroller in its purest form.

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evo industrial

The Evo Industrial collection consists of 2 timeless colour combinations, paired with metal accents and a cognac brown leather push bar and bumper bar.

The Evo Industrial collection can be combined with 4 frame types, each with a cognac brown leather push bar.

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Choice of materials

The outer fabric of the Industrial collection is denim, with a raw, dark look. The fabric is combined with perforated synthetic leather in cognac brown on the pocket at the back of the carrycot, the handle and the shoulder pads in the seat.
The labels, bumper bar and push bar are finished in cognac brown leather for added contrast. The fabric sections also have extra-thick stitching combined with gold coloured metal zippers to give this jeans look an authentic feel.

The lining fabrics are made from 100% cotton.

Denim. Raw. Authentic. True.