The Mutsy Exo is a stroller for parents who know what they want: flexibility and style. The different inserts are fully compatible with the Exo frame#:

  • carry cot
  • pushchair seat with hood
  • Safe2go car seat, group 0+
  • Maxi-Cosi car seat, group 0+ (Pebbles, Cabriofix, Citi)


for your child: The adjustable back and leg support have different settings#, which is very important for your baby’s health as babies should not remain in the same position for longer than 1.5 hours. The back of the hood can be expanded so your baby is properly protected. The carry cot is properly ventilated thanks to the double padded back of the canopy.

for you: When unfolded the Mutsy Exo is a compact stroller, but when fully folded you could almost slip the Exo in your pocket in a manner of speaking. Use the handy strap to pull it along#. The design of the grips is ergonomic which makes your walking experience even more comfortable. The carry cot is very light, making it easy to handle.


Fold the Exo frame with the seat and hood attached #. The fold-lock keeps the frame locked in the desired position. The wheels swivel 360°#. You can choose from 2 types of wheels. The pushchair wheels offer maximum flexibility on smooth surfaces while the bigger wheels are suited for walks in the forest or on the beach. 


The fabric of the seat and carry cot come in 6 different colours.

technical data

chassis 8,7 kg
chassis + seat 12,2 kg
carry cot 3,2 kg
length width height
chassis open 76 cm 56 cm 109 cm
chassis folded 73 cm 40 cm 40 cm
carry cot 82 cm 39 cm 58 cm

do you require help?

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