The Mutsy i2 is the perfect stroller for parents who prefer comfort and style. There are various attachments that fit to the frame#:

  • carrycot
  • seat with canopy and bumper bar
  • Safe2go car seat, group 0+
  • Maxi-Cosi car seat, group 0+ (Pebble, Pebble plus, Cabriofix, Citi)
  • BeSafe car seat, group 0+ (BeSafe iZi Go Modular, BeSafe iZi Go X1)
  • Kiddy car seat(Evolution Pro, Evolution Pro 2, Evo-luna i-size)
  • Cybex car seat(Aton, Aton 4, Aton 5, Aton Q, Aton Q i-size)
  • Adapters available from Britax.Q



For your child: The backrest and leg support can be set to various positions. This is very important for the health of your child as small children should not sit in the same position for extended periods. The seat canopy can be extended if you are using the reclining position or if you want to protect your child against bright sunlight. Thanks to the double-layered back section on the canopy, the seat is always well ventilated. It can face forwards or towards the parents on the frame#.

For you: the carrycot is mounted quite high on the frame. As a result, you will not hurt your back when you lift the child out of the carrycot. The controls for setting the seat position are to be found at the back of the seat, high on the back, so that you can reach them more easily. Set the push-bar at the best height for you with the handy button#. The i2 frame (particularly in combination with the foam tyres) is as light as a feather and this makes it even easier to handle.


Fold the i2 frame easily with seat and canopy. The result is a very compact and portable package#. Want it even smaller? No Problem: in the flick of a wrist, you can remove the wheels (and then install them again just as easily)#. Thanks to the fold-lock, the i2 stays compact and folded during transport.

The wheels, with extra shock-absorbing air tyres or very light foam tyres, can swivel around 360°#. The air tyres are ideal for an uneven surface. For city use, and if you wish to keep the weight of the buggy to an absolute minimum, you should opt for the foam tyres. 

unique technical features

  • The front wheels have an integrated front wheel suspension for extra comfort for your child, especially on bumpy roads.
  • The front wheel suspension ensures that the front wheels remain on the ground when turning the pushchair (Anti-Wheel Lift); this ensures stability and makes steering much easier.
  • The design of the central hinge at the top of the chassis is extra child-friendly.
  • The buttons on the push bar are easy and light to operate, so that folding is much easier.


- heritage black
- heritage moss green
- heritage ocean blue
- heritage stone grey
- heritage amsterdam green
- pure cloud
- pure fog
- urban nomad dark grey

technical data

chassis + lightweight tyres 9,4 kg
chassis + air tyres 9,8 kg
seat 4,1 kg
carry cot 3,4 kg
length width height
chassis open 74 cm 59 cm 104 cm
chassis folded 71 cm 59 cm 39 cm
carry cot 82 cm 42 cm 58 cm
chassis folded without wheels 62 cm 50 cm 21 cm

do you require help?

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