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edition pure

Inspired by… Nature

We’re surrounded by amazing nature, which we love to enjoy. But nature is fragile. So we strive for a greener world, because we want to leave something beautiful behind for our children.
The pure range consists of two fresh colour combinations with a 100% cotton lining and an outer fabric made from 100% recycled PET. This fabric is a wonderful, eco-friendly material. And although it’s technically ultra-strong, the soft texture and breathability make it incredibly pleasing to the touch. The accents of the new IGO pure are light, almost white, and the design is ultra-sleek – characteristic of the Mutsy IGO range.
The IGO pure edition is not only better for the environment, but also better and more comfortable for your baby.

Available for igo

igo pure

The Igo Pure collection consists of 2 fresh colour combinations, combined with light accents and a cognac brown leather push bar and bumper bar.

The Igo Pure can be combined with 3 frame types, each with a cognac brown leather push bar.

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Choice of materials

The pure exterior fabrics carry the Cyclepet® certificate, which guarantees our customers that the fabrics are 100% made out of post-consumer, recycled PET containers, which is the most environmental friendly raw material in the textile industry in terms of the total weight of air emissions and waterborne wastes. So, this production process which turns plastic jugs into a strong, soft fabric saves not only on resources, but also on energy.


The above certificate applies to the main fabric only (light grey fabric for the Pure Fog combination and light blue fabric for the Pure Bright Sky combination). The materials chosen also include a lining fabric made from 100% cotton.

Nature. Tenderness. Comfort. Purity.