User manual

Every Mutsy product comes with its own manual. Read this manual carefully and keep it for reference. Please note that not following the instructions in the manual could endanger the personal safety of your child. Don’t have your manual at hand? No problem, you can download it here.


Watch the Mutsy demo videos here.

unfolding the chassis with the seat
carrycot and possible seats
mounting the seat
adjusting the seat position
adjusting the height of the push bar
folding the frame with seat
wheels swivel 360°
mounting and removing the wheels
mounting the shopping basket

Igo FAQ's

Do you still have a question about a Mutsy product?
Maybe you will find the answer in our list of FAQ’s.

How do I adjust the 5 point safety harness?
I have a question about Igo prices, accessories and/or spare parts
How old must my child be in order to use the seat? How much weight can it carry?
How old must my baby be in order to use the carry cot? How much weight can it carry?
How to fold and unfold my Mutsy IGO?
How can I adjust the seat?
How much weight can the shopping basket carry?
Can I use another mattress in the carry cot?
Can I use the stroller in the rain?
How do I replace the seat cover?
How should I clean the lining?
Do I need to oil/lubricate the moving parts and wheels?
What would be the ideal air pressure on the tyres of the IGO air? And how do I inflate them?
How do I install/remove the wheels?
How can I make the wheels swivel or stop them from swivelling?
Why do the foam tyres lose their shape and become flat after some time?
How do I assemble and disassemble the Igo basket?
How do I secure the Igo footmuff?
Which car seats are compatible with the Mutsy IGO?
How do I attach the car seat adapters?

If you have any other questions, please fill in the contact form. A Mutsy employee will get back to you as soon as possible.