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edition urban nomad

Inspired by… Urban Nomads

The Urban Nomads, with their laptops and smartphones in hand, live and work in urban areas. Instead of renting office space, they prefer popping into coffee shops where they can work in peace. They have flexible jobs and are mobile, exchanging one apartment for the other.They want to discover the world and bring up their children in a challenging, multicultural and diverse environment. This involves a great many aspects. These trendsetters are environmentally conscious, prefer to use public transport instead of cars, buy recyclable and biodegradable packaging and organize clothing swaps. They read the news and magazines online. They seek sustainable and mobile solutions, without compromising on the wellbeing of their babies or themselves.
With the emphasis on ergonomics and flexibility - a progressive design that is compact, lightweight and easy to store with natural colours and a trendy leather finish - this URBAN NOMAD meets every requirement.

Available for i2 evo

i2 urban nomad

The i2 Urban Nomad collection consists of 2 trendy colour combinations, each paired with cognac coloured leather accents.

The i2 Urban Nomad range can be combined with 5 chassis types, each with a cognac coloured leather push bar.

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evo urban nomad

The Evo Urban Nomad range includes 4 authentic colour combinations, each combined with cognac coloured leather accents.

The Evo Urban Nomad collection can be combined with 4 frame types, each with a cognac brown leather push bar.

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Travelling. Mobility. Flexibility. Style.