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edition reflect

the luxury edition

Mutsy has developed a new extra luxury version of the Igo, inspired by the innovative technical textile products used in sports clothing. This new Reflect version is essentially sporty, but also has a strong accent on fashion, comfort and safety. The soft, padded parts have a waterproof and windproof top layer of fabric and are finished with very chic details, such as aluminium buttons, nylon zippers with a metallic finish and artificial leather accents. The lining of the canopies is manufactured from reflective material for a real jetset look, which above all ensures that your pushchair is more easily visible in the dark. The rearmost layer of the canopy on the carry cot can be zipped open and turned inside out, to show two reflective triangles for maximum safety. When the canopy of the seat is unfolded, a large reflective surface is exposed in the centre of the canopy to ensure that no one misses you, your child or your striking pushchair!

Available for igo

igo reflect

The Igo Reflect range includes two colour combinations for the upholstery, all combined with dark-brown details.

The Igo Reflect cosmo edition combined with the new camel leather details perfectly matches the frame of the cosmo edition with the camel coloured leather push bar.

The Igo Reflect range can be combined with 3 chassis types, each with a dark-brown leather push bar.

The Igo Reflect cosmo edition comes in a silver chassis version with the camel coloured leather push bar.

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Luxury edition